About Me

My name is Claudia and I was born in the beautiful "Castelli Romani" near Rome, Italy.
I live in Tuscany, where I work as marketing manager for a shoe's company. 
I grew up loving the attention to details, the harmony between colors, scents and styles mixed together. From the fashion area, where I studied and where I work, to the dance, my passion for 25 years.I started writing my Lipsticky Journey to recount the beauty "real" world, the one made by women that work, that race, women that have no time to choose the ideal product or treatment. Sincerly, I was one of these women...
So i felt in love with the beauty world, I began to spend hours in the beauty stores, buying 5 types of creams (because one wasn't enough to evaluate the effectiveness!)
I hope that my Lipsticky can be a faithful guide for you, a diary where find the answer to all your 1000 questions!
Your personal beauty shopping list!

For any questions please don't hesitate to contact me!  


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